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[09 Feb 2005|04:41pm]
Heres the deal.. Im going to be deleting this account in 2 more days and I wanna make sure Im giving people a fair chance in adding my new name cause some people have been gone and are still adding cause I had ALOT of people on my list.. So thats your choice, delete this name if you dont want me as a friend anymore or add the new one..

NEW LJ = loves_horrors
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Yess [06 Feb 2005|12:18pm]
This account will be deleted soon.. Im thinking around friday? So yeah...

add this name loves_horrors
Love Rai

New Journal [30 Jan 2005|03:35pm]

I got a new journal...



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Boredf [23 Jan 2005|04:43pm]
So I didnt do anything really today.. I went on myspace and I think one of the people that added me on theres a child sicko cause they way they talk and told me they werent a bad person and shit.. it was creepy.. they asked me if my pics were fake? Wtf. Why would I want to pretend to be someone Im not, thats gay.

Anyways speaking of pics I took some of me down in my living room..
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Friends Only [08 Sep 2004|12:27pm]
Friends Only
Comment to be added

Also known as

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